Friday, December 27, 2013


We hope you all had a wondeful Christmas!! Thought I would share a few pictures of the kids. The kids get new jammies every year for Christmas. It was soo funny this year because Breana and T.J. were talking about all the years past and were laughing at each other because it took them 6 years to figure out that the 1 present they got to open on Christmas eve was always pajamas. Breana is looking more and more grown up. We always joke that she only has 6 years left with us. Sometimes it seems so far away but most days it's a sad thought. I wish I could slow time for the next couple of years and let the kids savor and enjoy their childhood. I think it's true what they say though, childhood is wasted on the young. All mine ever talk about is growing up and how great its gonna be. They don't believe me when I tell them they are gonna miss being young but obladeeoblada. Right? This little stinker kept her jammies clean for a good 20 mins. That's when she found the cookies that had been left out for Santa. Ha ha. She is always eating and gets what ever she wants from all of us. which is probably why the only thing she says as of late is ish. Kailee enjoying the aftermath. Happy New year to all!! Hope 2014 is good to you!

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